Things to know about horse racing betting in Asia (Part 2)

Things to know about horse racing betting in Asia (Part 2)

The odds and payout

For example, your horse has a ratio of 3/1 and lays 2$. Now see how much money you have if you win. It is to multiply the first number by 2 (the bet amount), and divide by the second number. Now add the amount you bet on the result.

3 × 2 = 6, 6/1 = 6, 6 + 2 = 8 (The calculation shows that you put 2$ on the ratio 3/1, you will get 8$).

Today, horse racing betting has adopted the smart card method. So how does this smart card set degrees? With this card user to place a bet, the player’s balance will be integrated in the card, in addition, this card also helps the player to store information related to the betting situation, once the player. If you win, your winnings will be accumulated to your smart card. In fact, this card is not only for horse racing, but also for gambling and betting.

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Hopefully, through the article about what you need to know about horse racing in Asia above, it can help you gain more knowledge about how to play horse racing and help you on the horse racing betting route. The road to success in betting is a lot, but to choose the path that suits you is not easy. If you have chosen horse racing betting, please regularly update our good articles to gain experience as well as knowledge in how to play horse racing betting!

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If you are new to horse racing betting and there are many things about horse racing betting you do not know, then you need to refer to our articles on how to play horse racing to improve skills and experience betting on horse racing on your own network or refer to the article on how to choose an online casino to ensure that you will choose a reputable online casino house when playing horse racing or playing cards online, avoid the fake scam dealers.

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