Important things about horse racing you need to know (Part 1)

Important things about horse racing you need to know (Part 1)

In the world, horse racing is often referred to as a sport for the rich with the appearance of rare thoroughbred horses.


Horse racing has 3 main forms: thoroughbred horse race, horse drawn horse race and hurdles. All 3 forms have 3 different characteristics, such as a saddle-mounted horse, a horse attached to a cart and a horse control to overcome obstacles.

Purebred horse race is the most visible type because it can be held in any condition, any time. In rickshaw and hurdle races, obstacles such as fences or gutters are placed where horses can jump.

Back in time

Talking about horse racing refers to a long-standing legend, probably from BC, when some horse-drawn horse race tournaments began to take shape and spread. This sport dates back to ancient Greece, but by the time of the Rome empire, it seemed to be rather lackluster. It was not until the 5th century AD, when the Rome empire collapsed, that horse racing came to light again.

By the 6th century AD, horses in the Arab countries of the Middle East were known to the public. These horses are superior to other horse breeds and are incredibly fast. Arabian horse breeds have since become a very rare breed, making European desires so far. Initially, an Arab horse was entered by the King Henry I of England.

Since then, the British built a series of horse racing simulations of the Roman Empire in London in 1,174, where horse racing gradually became famous. Initially, the track was usually about 4 miles long, but then the rules of this sport were amended by King Charles II.

In the United States, the first racecourse was built on Long Island, North America. The stallions from the Arabian Darley horse line were brought to Virginia for the first time. And since then, states like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland have also become home to horse racing in the United States.

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