Go to Kentucky to see horse racing festival (Part 2)

Go to Kentucky to see horse racing festival (Part 2)


Known as the “Bluegrass State” – home to the cool grass and bluegrass style music, Kentucky is the state of the bustling cities, endless meadows, the world’s longest cave system, home of boxing champion Muhammad Ali and of course KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken. A holiday in Kentucky will let visitors enjoy exactly what they are looking for, whether listening to bluegrass at a fair, attending concerts or taking a break and relaxing at many lakes around the state. Among them, watching horse racing is an extremely interesting experience!

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Known as the homeland of Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks, Churchill Downs racetrack hosts three thoroughbred horse racing tournaments in the spring, September and autumn.

The course is spread over a mile of dirt road with two corners of the oval including seven lanes for each turn. In addition to the two Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks that have been held here since 1875, Churchill Downs Racetrack has also hosted the Breeders Cup World Championship nine times.

To learn more about the event, visit the Kentucky Derby Museum. Because since 1985, the museum has been dedicated to preserving the history of the Kentucky Derby, bringing visitors an exciting journey of derby history through various exhibitions and movies. You can witness firsthand horses raised and trained from birth to jockey can turn them into champions in the race.

Go to Kentucky to see horse racing festival (Part 1)

In 2007, after visiting Jamestown (Virginia) – the first British settlement in the US, Queen Elizabeth of England and her husband, Prince Phillip used to be here to support the Kentucky Derby. .

The horse race of 2017 has set a record with nearly $ 100 million has been poured into betting. Of course, the money earned from tourist spending during this period is certainly much bigger than that!

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